Do it properly – on not at all!!

by Rita Noon on July 3, 2013

Just back from an event in Brisbane and I am keen to share something.

As you know, I love teaching people about clothes, colours, shapes and wardrobes. How to look and feel fantastic AND save lots of money.

Can I please, please, please ask one thing – do not listen when someone tells you are Cool or Warm (skin tone) when you are in a room full that is fuelled by artificial light and has very little natural light available. There is a big chance that you will get the wrong information.

If you want to know what colours really work for you – make an appointment with someone you trust, sit in front of the mirror and see it/learn it/understand it. Do not put pressure on someone who is presenting a talk and make them give you an “off the cuff” analysis – it is not fair to them and definitely not fair to you! As an audience member, I squirmed when this happened and felt bad for all concerned.

There, had my say. Feeling better now.

If you are keen to know what works for you – invest the time and money to get it right. (wait for it)

You are worth it!!

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