Whitey tighty tee shirts

by Rita Noon on January 14, 2013

White, tight tee shirts! to do, or not to do. If it is a “to do”, then you have to think of where and when “to do”. I saw a lady today, who was tall, slim and young (to me, lots of people are young) around late 20’s, early 30’s. She had on a very, very firm pair of shorts that were a reasonable length in a khaki colour. She then had over the top, a very tight white tee shirt. The shorts wereworn so low on her body and so tight that she had generated a roll around her abdomen. The very tight white tee shirt just took hold of the roll and was clinging for all it was worth. Here was a young woman who would have looked good in something a lot less clingy.
The tee shirt was not too low cut, it was not too sheer, it was just too tight and the shorts were so tight, they provided a real muffin top – on a slim woman!!! Please have a quick look in the mirror, from top to bottom, before you walk out the door. Everyone you walk past will do it!!!

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