Testimonial 1:

The following is a testimonial from Shauna Teaken, one of Rita’s many clients:

About 13 years ago, I was re-entering the work force after being a stay at home mum. I had bought a small business and I knew that to take it where I wanted it to be, I had to look the part. I needed a snappy business wardrobe that reflected my personality yet reflected professionalism and confidence. I went to Rita for a consultation and it was the best business and personal growth investment I have ever made!

What it did for my confidence was amazing in so many ways. I truly thought up until then that I had an odd body which was impossible to dress. Big bum, big thighs, long waist – uuuurk!

Despite having grown up in a beach culture, I had never felt comfortable in a swimming costume and I rarely wore jeans, if ever. Rita sorted out my proportions and we discovered I could look terrific and feel comfortable, all the while with my own distinct style. At the age of 37, I had confidence at the beach because I found a style that suited my body shape!

I could wear jeans and feel great! The business wardrobe was so easy! I had my guidelines to follow and no sales person was going to put me off track. ( BTW – I doubled the turnover of that little business in just one year!)

I have to say that people always say, “Oh it’s easy for you, you have a great body!” I don’t – but I am kind to myself: I only buy and wear what enhances my good features and downplays my not so good!

So all these years later – I have a very small wardrobe of stuff I love – which I add to occasionally. It all works together colour-wise and style wise. Shoes and belts work with everything, too.

If I see something on sale, I can only be tempted if it fits my criteria as to “Will this suit my body and is it the right colour?” If it isn’t, I don’t buy it! And I always seem to pick up fab stuff on sale!

Thank you Rita, this is something Hollywood celebs have had for ever – a personal stylist who guides and educates you to look and feel fabulous all the time!

Shauna Teaken

Testimonial 2:

The following testimonial is from Moana Robinson, Arbonne manager:

I would like to recommend the service provided by Rita Noon, Image Consultant.

I met Rita in November 2009 and made an appointment to see her to assist with colours and styling. I had never been to an image consultant before, and although have been told I am good with knowing what styles and colours to wear, I did want some guidance in this area as I am a skin care consultant for a botanically-based premium Swiss skin care company and need to always look my best.

I do love clothes and shoes but knew that I must have made some incorrect choices, as (like most women) I have a lot of both that I just don’t wear for some reason. I now know that the reason is that they are the incorrect colour for my skin tone and/or the incorrect length, fit or style for my body shape and height. There is a reason that we always go to our favourite clothes – usually because we feel really good in them or know that we look the best in these clothes or shoes.

Rita explained everything to me in a very professional, friendly and “memorable” manner so that I really took on board what she told me. This has been invaluable since, because I have not made those same purchasing mistakes by trying to guess whether a particular garment is my colour or style.

My goal was to pare down my wardrobe to only those clothes that suit me and bring out the best of my colouring and shape. There is no point in spending time putting on makeup to enhance our appearance if the colour of the clothes we are wearing is going to drain the colour from our face or make us look tired. Also, even if we endeavour to maintain a good physique, the incorrect style jacket, trousers or skirt can accentuate the “not so good” parts of our body.

Rita has a caring, professional manner and I would have no hesitation in highly recommending her services to anyone wishing to portray their best image. We all know that first impressions count, but it is so good to think that you can have everything in your wardrobe capable of portraying the best impression. The investment you make with Rita will save you hundreds of $$ forever after.

I am very happy to provide a verbal reference if anyone wishes to contact me to confirm this, but I am sure that after meeting Rita you will feel confident that she can help you with your image.

Moana Robinson Dip.B.Th.
JP (Qual)
Manager, Arbonne

Testimonial 3:

This testimonial from is Sam Beau Patrick, owner of the Health Queen brand:

Well, I’m not a fashionista , and I don’t really enjoy clothes shopping, but I desperately needed to do something with my wardrobe as I am building a brand and national speaking presence. Fortunately I found Rita Noon.

Rita has been a long term mentor for many reasons but mostly for her down to earth, no-fuss approach to getting the most out of life. She has extended this to fashion and wardrobe (and budget) management.

Spending 2 hours with Rita, taking measurements, and doing a colour analysis and style assessment, has been the best thing I have done for ages. It’s more than a wardrobe issue. It’s looking the best and therefore feeling the best that one can, even in one’s daggy clothes.

I have no doubt that Rita has saved me thousands, and in the future, she has saved me hours of not trying on clothes from the rack, as I now know the colour isn’t right, nor is the cut or style.

Rita is excellent and professional, as well as sensitive (as this can be a confronting issue for some, I am sure). I highly recommend and urge people to have Rita come to them to save them time, money and, most of all, to help them to FEEL FANTASTIC!

Thank-you Rita!

Sam Beau Patrick

Testimonial 4:

The following testimonial is from Leonie Featherstone, doTERRA Essential Oils Blue Diamond:

For years I have been buying things that either seemed a “good buy at the time” or were for a particular occasion. I often found that some of these outfits ‘didn’t seem quite right’ and they would inevitably sit ‘untouched’ in the back of the wardrobe and I would regret the money I’d paid for them.

Following my Colour & Style consultation with Rita – I now understand ‘why’ those outfits never saw the light of day. They weren’t right for ‘me’!

Life is now so much simpler! I still ‘like’ some styles but I know at a glance that they won’t ‘like me’ so I move on! Gone are the agonizing hours pawing through racks and racks of clothes! A quick glance around at ‘lengths’ of jackets, necklines and colours eliminates unnecessary ‘try-ons’ and has my shopping done in next to no time! Now that I know what works for me, I buy the right things every time.

Since my initial consultation, I have purchased a number of pieces that are now the basis of what I wear the most. I feel great in my clothes, I can get dressed in the morning knowing that my clothes are perfect for a breakfast meeting, delivering a training session, embarking on a flight and attending a business dinner.

All that from one outfit!

Now that I know what to wear and therefore what to buy, I have cleaned out my wardrobe and have more space, less clothes and lots more choices of outfits. Most importantly, I have lots less stress!

Both the Colour and Style component of the consultation are equally important to me as the combined knowledge I have gained means I can identify both the styles AND the colours that will have me looking my best!

My friends and colleagues are now thanking ‘me’ for sending them along to benefit from Rita’s Image services.

Leonie Featherstone
Training Consultant
Testimonial 5:

The following is a testimonial from Berit Munro, doTERRA Essential Oils Diamond Leader:

Rita, I thought I’d drop you a quick line to say a HUGE thank you for my consultation with you.

Following the session, I donated unsuitable items from my existing wardrobe to charity and, armed with my colour swatches and the “shape instructions”, I headed off to my least favourite leisure activity – clothes shopping. However, the whole process was far more efficient, and I have to confess, rather enjoyable. In the boutiques and department stores, I was able to quickly assess rack after rack and eliminate the items that would be unsuitable. This narrowed down the choice, and I no longer felt overwhelmed by what was on offer.

Assembling a new corporate wardrobe was time and cost efficient, utilising all I learnt in your session. I now have clothes that will mix and match easily and make me feel and look professional.

I would highly recommend your styling consultation to anybody who has lost confidence on what to wear at work or at leisure. No more fashion faux pas! Getting the colour, the style and the fabric right all the time, every time, is now child’s play and loads of fun, and will save me money in the long term. Thanks again.

Kindest regards,

Berit Munro
doTERRA Essential Oils – Diamond Leader

Testimonial 6:

Comments from Monica Gundry:

I had my style for my size and figure done many years ago by Rita Noon and I was reluctant to go ahead with it initially. I didn’t think something as easy as the ‘formula’ would make any difference at all. Was I wrong!!!!

When Rita showed me what styles and lengths of shirts flattered my shape, I couldn’t believe the difference it made.

This also applied to dress styles, skirts and trousers.

I used to take my book with me shopping all the time, but now I am confident with my choices and only occasionally do I check that I’ve ‘got it right’.

This makes shopping for clothes so much easier and no wasted money on clothes that aren’t right for me.

Many of my friends have commented “Have you lost weight?” or, “Gee, that really suits you!” so I’m really happy with the result.


Monica Gundry
Brisbane, Australia

Testimonial 7:

A testimonial from Joy Paddison:

My first consultation with Rita was a shock but also amazing.

I was shocked because I had spent so many years wearing the WRONG styles and colors, and amazed at the difference the RIGHT styles and colours made to my appearance.

That was fourteen years ago and I am still a devotee of all things ‘image and style’. I still have my original colour swatches, and even though I’m sure that after 14 years I am fairly secure in my colour choices, I still refer to it on the odd occasion just to make sure.

My clothing style has matured over the years but the basic guidelines are still there and still apply to my body type, even though I weigh a ‘bit’ more, and each new season I check the various fashions against Rita’s recommended guides. And yes, even though my size may have changed, the styles recommended by Rita still apply.

My greatest compliment was probably when a girlfriend of my 18-year-old son told him that his mum was ‘stylin’! When he told me, he said I would have to thank Rita!

I have never particularly enjoyed clothes shopping, especially change rooms and struggling with a stack of clothes, not being sure if they are ‘right’ until I put them on. It is amazing how Rita’s guidelines simplify the whole ‘shopping thing’ when you know exactly what to avoid and what to aim for – mostly what you try is right, and best of all, you look good because it is the right style and colour for your body type.

I can’t recommend Rita highly enough and would have to say, do yourself a favour and contact Rita. Not only will you save yourself an enormous amount of time and expense (no more brand-new unworn clothes in the wardrobe) but you will look fabulous as well.

Joy Paddison
Ozfarm Services

Testimonial 9:

A testimonial from Heather McCosker-Howard:

Rita Noon offers a fabulous service to those wishing to ‘fix’ their wardrobe.

Over the past 15 years, based on Rita’s advice, I have saved hours and money shopping only for the items which enhance me and fit the rest of my wardrobe. No more wasted energy or money buying things you don’t need and won’t wear.

I would encourage everyone to have a consultation with Rita sooner rather than later – there is no time like the present and she makes you feel great in the process. What more could you ask for in an image consultant?

Heather McCosker-Howard
Specialist Red Day Coach™