“Shop ladies” – the Good & the Not so!

by Rita Noon on July 3, 2013

Oh my word.

Beware the large shopping centre on a wet “day before Mother’s Day”!

Unhappy children, stressed Fathers and NO parking! On top of that, I have enjoyed(?) a few hours of retail therapy. No buying, just experiencing the event.

One store full of pretty things – clothes, furnishings & furniture had a couple of sales assistants focused on telling me “that with your colouring” this black jumper would be perfect. Hmmm. I am wearing all Autumn colours.

On the other hand – a splendid lady at Chanel (of course she was) and another at YSL in Myer really “got” me. Didn’t push anything and actually tried to help!

Thank goodness I know what to buy and what to leave!

The sooner you know the better, as sales assistants are there to sell, at all costs. Another coffee and home – sounds good!!
Psst – found an amazing new perfume, but that’s another story!!!

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