by Rita Noon on January 14, 2013

Posture, Posture, Posture.

Listen up ladies and gentlemen. No matter how tall, short, thin, round, firm or flabby – you will ALWAYS look better when you stand up straight. No doubt about it. Saw an acquaintance on the weekend, in the foyer of an up market hotel. A shorter, rounder lady who seems to have folded over on herself. Slouched shoulders and a really “black” attitude. I seem to recall her as outgoing and quite the driving force – maybe it was a bad day, but gosh did it show?? When you slouch, you look shorter, when you look shorter you look heavier. When you walk with your head bent down, you appear “shut down and closed”. It is neither flattering nor welcoming.
When you stand tall, you look the world in the face and you are open to what life brings. You also look a whole lot better!!

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