Perfect for every Teenager – a gift that keeps on giving

by Rita Noon on January 14, 2013

The Perfect Gift for a Teenage girl! Quite a few months ago I contributed to a fund raising event by donating a Style & Colour Consultation. Last week I heard from a lady in Brisbane, who had “purchased” the donation and was giving it to her teenage daughter. I am so thrilled about this appointment. This young lady will know what to buy for the rest of her shopping life. Can you imagine the savings in dollars (just think thousands and you might be close), the increase in confidence and the sheer joy of shopping knowing everything you buy is perfect? She will have that for years! I so wish that I had known how to shop when I was that age, before all the costly mistakes. This will be great – 90 minutes that will change the rest of her life. I know that sounds dramatic, but by jove, it is a fact!! Will let you know how it goes!

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