Mothers & Daughters

by Rita Noon on July 3, 2013

Ahhh school holidays and shopping centres. You certainly do see some sights.

A personal favourite is the mother/daughter combination that seems to share but one wardrobe. Hmmmm.

There is a time – no matter how shapely your legs nor how slim you may be – that it is the time to move away from short, short skirts; high, high heels; wide, wide belts and kilos of make-up. AND that time is NOW!

Whilst you may well be a very attractive woman, you will look so much better wearing things that suit you and your age. Funky fashion (never thought I would use those words) belongs to the young – they have the stamina, smooth skin and vein free legs.

Please step back and let them shine – you will look even more stunning when you adopt clothing that flatters your current stage of life!

Just a thought!

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