Ball Season – Gowns, Glitter and Gosh

by Rita Noon on January 14, 2013

Ball season makes for wonderful photos and magazine features. Some of the gowns are works of art, some are tributes to exactly how little fabric constitutes a frock and some are excellent examples of engineering and scaffolding. Here are a few tips : shorter ladies should avoid large, fluffy skirts – bear a strong resemblance to the toiler roll covers in Nana’s bathroom. Ladies over the age of (soft skin and not perfectly toned arms) should embrace sleeves and fabric. Strapless is only slightly less-bad than one shoulder frocks. The strong colour, one shoulder number works well on strong, toned shoulders & arms – only then! An evening dress is usually quite a significant investment. As you age (and we all do, dear reader) stick to elegant and in a lot of a cases – avoid very, very strong colours! Have fun, at the same time!

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