Age Appropriate Dressing – Again…. Still……..

by Rita Noon on May 18, 2014

Oh my word – here I go again.

Age appropriate dressing & choice of underwear!!!

I know it keeps coming up, because bad things keep happening. Age appropriate just means that the clothing choices reflect your time in life.

Yes, the printed floral lycra dress might do up and yes the black suede ankle boot with the very high heel, might technically “fit” and Yes, the bra that pushes up, out and sideways might give a “full 2 size increase” – but NO, just NO these things were not designed for a woman obviously in her sixties!!!!!

Maybe the dress was comfy. Did I mention is was also very short – so much money for so little fabric!! Maybe the shoes were “comfy”???? and maybe the bra was “comfy” – didn’t look it.

The lady in question had a neat, trim figure however the whole ensemble did not do her justice. And before anyone can tell me that she was happy and “comfy” in her choice, I must tell you about the constant underwear adjustments and the tottering in the heels!
Please think about what fits you, what suits you and what works for you – before you head out the door.

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