5 C’s. Colour, Cut, Cloth, Cost & Compatibility!

by Rita Noon on January 14, 2013

You know that I keep going on and on about the 5 C’s and Vertical proportion. (and on and on and on) Well – let’s not forget the basic
horizontal proportion. If you are perfectly horizontally proportioned you can “add” to your top and bottom evenly to maintain proportion. If you are “top heavy” you keep that area quiet – no patterns, no extra pockets, no extra detail AND no textured fabrics. Keep ALL you extras on the bottom half of you. Patterned skirts/pants, pockets and textures all south of your waist. If you are fuller through the hip (a majority of women are this one) keep all your detail and “added stuff” on the top half of you! pretty simple really, just worth remembering. Of course your Vertical Figure type will tell you how long to wear tops, skirt, jumpers, over shirts – this is the information that will make you look taller & slimmer OR shorter & heavier. Have a great weekend!!

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