I love what I do AND it works!!

by Rita Noon on May 18, 2014

I had the best phone call yesterday.

One of those ones that reinforce your determination to keep doing what you love. My phone rang at about 10am and a lady asked “is this Rita?” What could I say?

So, she told me that she was going through her Style book and wanted to ask a few questions about current fashion. Terrific, I said.

When did you have your appointment, what Season are you and which¬†Vertical Figure Type are you. “I am a Summer, and a C figure type. I had my appointment with you in 1996”!

Wow!!!! She has used the suggestions, followed the guidelines and has a smaller, more useful wardrobe.

Her current dilemma is that of the full, boho skirt. They are everywhere and they will not/do not work for her.

Is fashion on her side – No. Is fashion designed to help her – No.

She is coming along to see me in Toowoomba in a couple of weeks for a chat and “run through” of current trends. We will be at The Wardrobe, 191 Margaret Street on Saturday 29th. Contact me for more details. I can’t wait to catch up with this lady and share her stories! Have I mentioned that I love what I do????

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