2 and a half Years!

by Rita Noon on January 14, 2013

The answer is – 2 and a half years!! That is how long it has taken one very disciplined and clever client to take her “ho hum” wardrobe to one that is “perfect in every way” for her. We have kept some of her things (everyone has things that are perfect for them), we have “re-homed” some things, we have tossed some things and she has bought some things. All of which work wonderfully for her. Why – because she has used the 5 C’s and really thought about what she is doing. Anyone can do it. Everyone can have the perfect wardrobe!! It is not just a promised, it is a guarantee!! I am more than happy to share the knowledge! Just think – by mid 2015, you too could have wardrobe perfection!!!

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