Black Underwear – When is it right?

by Rita Noon on March 24, 2015

Alas, I do not have a graphic for this comment – however, that may be a good thing.

Now, picture this – a black and white striped jumper at first appearing to be a little short. Then the white stretchy 3/4 length pants. So far – ok……. Then the flat blue sandals.. still not too bad.

Then the phone rings in the bag that is on the ground. “That’s mine” cries our “wonder in white pants”. She strides to the bag, which shows that the jumper is too tight (rolls of flesh over the back of the black bra) and as she bends to retrieve the phone, we were confronted by black undies showing through the stretchy white pants. Eeek! Again, a tad small as they “bit” under the cheeks.

Moral to this story. Black underwear ONLY under black clothing AND is a size that does not squeeze!!

I am not saying don’t have black underwear, I am asking you to think about what you are putting over the top.

It seems black and white to me!! (boom boom, as Basil Brush would say)

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